Custom Wires What You Need to Know

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Automotive springs

Custom wire forming is essential for all kinds of mechanics. From the spring in every ballpoint pen to the suspension system in your car, custom wire forming is one of the most valuable tools in the fields of mechanics and engineering. Whether they are automotive springs, bolts, coil springs, or nuts, custom wires are used for a variety of purposes. Coils, or springs, are used to store mechanical energy. Because they require no energy for use, coil springs is a common and effective tool found in considerable devices, not just mechanical ones but also in electronics!

Of the various kinds of coil springs, compression springs are the most common as well as the most interesting. Custom wire forming can produce compression springs, which are open-coil helical springs designed to counter compression along a vertical axis. Helical compression springs are, by far, the most sought out custom wire forming. They offer great resistance to mechanical push, and they are very efficient in storing energy.

In terms of material, beryllium copper, stainless steel, and titanium are the most popular metals used. Though technical any malleable material can be used as a coil, beryllium copper, stainless steel, and titanium are particularly reliable and sturdy. They are also ideal when it comes to determining size. After all, compression springs must be the right size. Too small and a compression spring cannot attach to the axis. Too large and the spring cannot properly store energy. With this in mind, custom wire forming, as practiced in many wire manufacturing companies, is a clear, secure, and necessary method of maintaining mechanical devices we all use and depend on.

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