5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Vehicle Wrap Campaign

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Truck wraps

In the world of advertising, there are a few mediums that get a lot of attention. Nearly half of people who are polled would tell you that they think one of the most unique forms of advertising is vehicles that have been wrapped. If your business uses this kind of advertising or are going to start an advertising campaign with vehicle wraps, here are some ways to make that successful.

  1. Your brand is your message. When you are seeking to raise awareness of your business with vehicle wraps, your starting point needs to be with your message and that has to be your brand. Companies who have national brand recognition can have a message that varies from their brand. Many campaigns with car wraps fail from the outset because they do not have enough brand identity. People see the logo and have no idea what it is. You may need to build up your brand to the point where your vehicle wrap campaign can help you.
  2. Stay away from photos. Vehicle wraps should not include photos. The entire campaign needs to be about raising brand awareness. Photos distract from the message of brand identity and use space that could be better used in other ways. They do not even connect with the name of the company. Passers by have approximately 2.5 seconds to read truck wraps and take in the message. No matter how great the a photo is, it does not tell that person who you are. You want them to absorb your message, which again, is your brand. If you are driving down the street and you see a car that is wrapped with the image of a pizza, now you may want pizza but are you going to order it from the company with the wrapped car? Probably not because you do not know who that was. If you see a car wrapped with the Dominos logo, now you want pizza and you know who to call.
  3. Keep your copy to a minimum. When you are planning out the actual copy, there are only a few pieces of information you should put on vehicle wraps. You should consider putting your phone number, web address and tagline. Some companies like to put bullet points in their vehicle wraps but this is a mistake. People can only really remember one or two things. You want the people who see your advertising to remember the right message. That is why your website and phone number make sense. Your list of weekly specials does not have any place on a car wrap.
  4. You want your vehicle wraps to stand out. When you are working on the design for your vehicle wraps think about the most memorable banners. They stand out. This does mean making a really flashy and cheesy vehicle wrap with all sorts of extraneous graphics. Simplicity is your friend when it comes to the world of vehicle wraps. What you want to do with your vehicle wrap design is cut through all of the noise. People who are driving have a lot of things competing for their attention, including the road, of course. If your design is simple and impactful, it will get more attention than if it is cluttered.
  5. Simplicity is your friend. When you create a car wrap design that is obvious and simple, you are in good shape. Remember that 2.5 seconds that you have to get your message across to the person on the street. You do not want them to spend that time trying to figure your message out. If people cannot figure out what you are trying to say, you lose their interest and them. If you make the design for your vehicle wraps as simple and obvious as you can, you will get the most from this kind of advertising. You have one chance with your vehicle wraps. You will capture people’s attention with the car but to get your message across, you need to have the simple design.

People often list television ads and vehicle wraps as two of the best for getting your message across to new customers. Even the best sign company cannot compete with vehicle signs.



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