Protect Your Skin And Protect Other Drivers Install Window Tints For Your Car

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Curious about ways you can spruce up your car? You’ll want to keep reading. Auto window tinting and vehicle wraps are quick and easy ways to customize your vehicle, giving it everything from additional protection to a shinier coat with little effort on your part. Even better? Car window tinting and vehicle wraps can bolster your privacy and even improve your overall driving experience. Below are the top five benefits on using vehicle wraps and window tints, from their easy installation to their plethora of useful features!

What Are Window Tints?

Ever been envious of the subtle tint other drivers have over their windows and windshield? Never fear! These are one of the easiest installations you can do for your car, able to be done in little time at all and with good durability to boot. Some films are tints, when applied to car windows, are known to block a whopping 99% of UV rays.

Why Should I Block UV Rays?

As health awareness increases, so does the market for vehicle tints and window wraps. Although most car windshields are partially treated to filter out standard UVA rays, side windows are still known to let in around 63% of the sun’s UVA radiation. Studies have shown excessive exposure to UV rays can have negative long-term effects on your health — this includes, but isn’t limited to, brown spots, wrinkles, sunburns and, yes, even skin cancer! Chronic exposure to UVA rays through windows can accelerate the aging of your skin by five to seven years.

How Can This Help Temperature?

Did you know window tints can even reduce your car’s temperature? No more burning leather seats! Studies have shown your car’s interior can be as much as 60% cooler on hot summer days with professionally installed window tints than without. In Texas, sunscreening devices in the front side wing vent or window will be prohibited if it lets in less than 35% of available light — this is essential because you want to block UV rays, not your ability to see the road!

What About Safe Driving?

It’s essential to find an ideal balance between comfort and safety. In a study of car crashes nearly 80% of glare-exposed drivers were in the striking role compared to only 52% who were in the same position without obstructed vision. Glares from the sun cause nearly 3,000 accidents per year and, overall, tinted windows can reduce glare effects.

Should I Use Window Tints?

If you’re interested in healthier skin, a more beautiful car and easier driving, you’ll want to look into vehicle wraps and car window tinting services. These additions can be installed in a matter of hours and provide you with a host of benefits — the average lifespan of a paint protection film is seven to 10 years, depending, and will save you far more money in the long run. A study even noted a 93% reduction in skin cell death when UV exposure was reduced in the long-term! Next time you give your car a makeover, consider grabbing a shiny new window tint. Your skin and other drivers will thank you!

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