Are You Sick of Your Job? Take a Long Weekend in a City Close to Home and Recharge

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There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a vacation, so why are Americans avoiding taking time off from work? We consistently rank in the bottom 10% of vacation time: we have it, but we refuse to use it. One of the reasons that people give for not taking their vacation time is the cost of travel, but families that travel with a pop up camper trailer could save as much as 25% of their vacation costs. What would you do with the extra money? There are always great souvenirs to buy on vacation, and having more money for your travel and recreation budget is always a great thing: families that camp together, stay together.

In general, towing a fifth wheel trailer can be an excellent vacation plan. There are thousands of national parks in the United States, and many of them offer campgrounds that are available to the general public. It’s important to book early and to keep an eye on the weather reports, and you have to figure out whether you want used campers for sale or to buy a brand new one. Airstream camper models remain popular choices: legend has it that the first astronauts were kept in seclusion in an Airstream camper after their return from the moon. We’re not recommending space travel — too expensive — but a nice weekend spent a national park can do wonders for your sense of well-being.

Used camper trailers
are available in many sizes and shapes. While there are some parks that only allow Airstream camper models, there are thousands of options for camping and hiking around the United States. Use your computer and check out hiking, camping, and fishing options. Children who grow up camping tend to do better on standardized tests, reports say, and are more independent and confident. Every year, more than 40 million people go camping and hiking: one of the benefits of bringing Airstream camper models with you on vacation is that it’s easier to bring along bicycles and other sports equipment.

Together, we spend more than $1 billion every year on camping equipment. Before you go on your first hiking or camping trip, make sure that everyone has broken in their shoes and that all stoves and lights are operational. You want to make sure that you can carry your pack without trouble, and that you have extra water and bandages in the event of an unplanned blister. Kids can carry lighter packs and can help set up the tent – under an adult’s supervision. Make sure to stay on the marked trails and to carry a fully-charged cell phone with you on any outdoor adventures. Have participants dress in comfortable layers, and if children want to turn back early, just make sure that a teen or adult goes back to camp with them. Kids as young as six or seven can have a great time camping with the proper supervision: make sure that sleeping bags stay dry and that the kids stay hydrated at night.

The benefits of travel are well-documented, but what people may not realize is that taking a few days away from the office can help them problem solve and make decisions. Taking Airstream camper models on small getaways can restart a sense of wonder and connection to nature. If you love to go fishing, there are often fishing locations within a few hours’ drive. While it may seem like work is extremely overwhelming, it is vitally important to get away for at least two weeks out of every year. If it’s too difficult to schedule large blocks of time off, then take a few extended weekends. You’re setting a good example for your children by taking time off, and you’re also making incredible memories that they will treasure for years to come. Take a break: you’ll be more productive than ever when you get back to work.

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