Give Yourself Some Elbow Room When You Get a Storage Unit

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A common lament among many people is that they don’t have enough space for all their possessions. Things seem to accumulate so fast, and only noticed when we’ve run out of place to put new items! Who doesn’t have a junk drawer or closet or basement full of things they never wear or use, but keep around for sentimental reasons? If you have a boat, RV, or vehicles that you don’t use too often, you may be extra crammed for space. Obviously you’re not planning on getting rid of those expensive items, but you do need a place to store them, and sometimes an overly full garage isn’t cutting it, and heaven forbid you park it in your yard. What an eyesore! So what to do? Perhaps one of your best options is to think about renting a storage unit. There are all sizes of storage units, perfect for small knick-knacks, unused furniture, and even car storage or RV storage. Whether you need long term car storage or just winter car storage, check out a unit today!
Talk To Me About Storage Units Today
Today, there are over 50,000 storage facilities open and ready for use in the United States. The industry is responsible for creating over 170,000 jobs within the country and generates around $22 billion a year. They’re also good for our local economies, adding around $3 billion to state and local taxes annually. And with Americans acquiring more than ever before and only about 21 square feet of storage space in a house in the United States, there’s got to be another place for all that stuff to go!
One in ten adults have a storage unit that they rent, according to stats from 2012. Between 1995 to 2012, the number of Americans renting storage units went up by 65%!
Why Are Storage Units So Useful?
Some storage unit tips for usage that you might not have considered: old furniture, collector cars (or regular cars), boats, RV’s, trailers, and other big items! Many people think of storage units and think of family memorabilia or smaller items that they don’t need hanging around the house.
With professional auto storage units, you can store any summer or seasonal vehicles to stave off damage caused by weather. You can keep your vehicles from rusting or incurring water damage. Save yourself the time and maintenance needed to restore your boat and keep it clean and dry over the fall and winter months by getting a storage unit. You’ll also clear up space in your driveway, garage or yard, which is an extra bonus! Keep your precious belongings safe, dry, and secure with a storage unit.
What Should I Look For in a Storage Unit?
If you’re looking for some storage unit tips, read on! You should make a list of storage unit tips to follow. Make sure that your unit is clean, secure, and grants you access to your unit all days of the week. Units who aren’t open on the weekends, for example, can be inconvenient, since many people use the weekends to drop off or retrieve belongings, due to the work or school day.
You’re getting a storage unit to give yourself a personal and private space to keep your vehicles and other possessions, so make sure that the security is top notch. Some storage unit facilities have electronic gates as an added measure of security to ensure customer belongings are kept safe no matter what the day or hour. Other good storage unit tips include checking to see if the storage unit you’re interested in has drive up access, to make it easier loading and unloading your possessions. Walking a good ways or going up and down stairs can be a real pain. You’ll also want to check out the storage unit in person before signing or buying, to make sure its up to par.
Free up some space in your house and yard by renting a storage unit. you’re assured of their safety and won’t have to worry about damage from weather or moisture. What’s not to love about extra storage space?

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