Why Buying a Used Car is One of the Smartest Investments You Can Make

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If you’re considering buying a new car, ask yourself, is this absolutely necessary?

If your end goal is purchasing a high-quality, safe, reliable, and well-designed vehicle with a low cost of ownership, you should consider searching for used cars. Many people often question why buy a used car when then then can buy a new one? The answer is surprisingly simple: a lot more bang for your hard earned buck.

Based on data from cars.com, used car values can be up to $20,000 less than new car values as of this year. And while pre owned vehicles may have had a bad rap in the past, they are now considered some of the safest used cars on the market. In fact, the majority of later models of used cars come have the latest safety features standard, in addition to tech luxuries such as bluetooth capability and satellite radio.

Also, keep in mind that today’s modern vehicles are far more reliable than their predecessors, who may have struggled to reach 100,000 miles. Rather, so many of today’s used vehicles can reach 200,000 miles without any major overhauls such as a engine or transmission replacement. If you’re still a little wary about buying a used car, consider looking into buying a manufacturer certified pre-owned car. Similar to buying a new car, these often come with warranties that ensure the integrity and quality of the car.

If you’re still hemming and hawing over buying a used car, consider the fact that variety is also a major reason why people choose to buy to buy used. If you’re buying a brand new car, you’re limited as to your selection. It’s likely you’ll only be able to purchase inventory from the last year or two. On the other hand, buying used gives you access to makes and models from any year. This is especially important for vintage car lovers.

So why buy a used car? Because it just makes sense.

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