Why A Used Golf Cart Could Be A Better Buy

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Pre-owned golf carts lakeland

It may be amusing to consider that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to golf carts — but it’s the truth nonetheless! Once, golf carts were only used for their original purpose: to push people around the golf course. That remains a major reason why people own golf carts. Though in an ideal world everyone would walk their way around the golf course, that’s simply not attainable for most during a good round of golf. Even if you yourself walk across what could be a massive course, you can’t expect everyone to drag their equipment with them. In comes the golf cart! But as previously mentioned, that is no longer the only reason why people would own golf carts in the first place. Golf carts have become a fun way for people to make their way around, and in some countries are the main form of transportation. If you’re in the market for a golf cart for any reason, pre-owned golf carts may be the way to go. And whether or not this is your first golf cart, there are a few things you should know before buying.

Golf Carts: The Basics

So: what should you expect in a golf cart? Whether you’re looking for pre-owned golf carts or brand new models, there are some basic expectations that produce a commonality in golf carts. On average, they are four feet wide by eight feet long by six feet high. Sizes may vary, but expect larger golf carts than average to be a little pricier. Their cargo box capacity can vary as well, but most golf carts can carry an average of 370 pounds. The fact is that you aren’t looking for top speed when driving a golf cart, but that doesn’t mean what you drive is going to be super slow. Golf carts typically reach a top speed of about 25 miles per hour, with the lower end being at 15 miles per hour. As you’ll find out below, however, that doesn’t have to be the end of their abilities. They’re rather heavy at 1,000 pounds, and are usually powered by 4-stroke engines. Golf carts range in price, depending on whether or not you’re looking for a luxury model. The typical golf cart may be $3,000, while a luxury model may cost $30,000. But this price can be negotiated if you’re willing to talk to your golf cart dealer about pre-owned golf carts.

Pre-Owned Golf Carts: Why They Could Be For You

A pre-owed golf cart does not mean that you’re compromising in quality in the least. Many used golf carts are put up for sale by people who thought they would use them, then rarely did. Others were used, but extremely well-maintained by caring owners. Another advantage of buying a used golf cart is that many have been refurbished, making them as good as new or in some cases even better than new-quality. Golf carts do not have to stick to those original speed guidelines discussed. If a used golf cart is modified during refurbishment, it can possibly achieve up to 20 more miles per hour in speed, taking the top speed from 25 to 45 miles per hour. In this case, the golf cart would be treated like an actual motor vehicle, which is an important fact to take into account. Your used golf cart may very well be more fun to drive than a brand-new one. Oftentimes, you can buy a used golf cart that already has the add-ons and improvements that you would have had to add yourself to a new one.

There are still several things to consider before you buy a golf cart. Don’t treat it like a toy. While a golf cart can usually operate on roads wherein the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less, it’s still a vehicle. Keep up to date on the minimum age of which someone can drive a golf cart, as it varies state to state. But above all, have fun!

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