What Do Buyers Look For In a Used Car?


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Can auto body work improve the sale price of used cars? The answer is maybe, but it depends on the severity of the damage being fixed and the skill needed to fix it. When one’s car ownership comes to an end, it’s resale value depends not only on the vehicle’s age but also how well it was maintained.

How old is your car? It may not be obvious to you, but the average vehicle on the road is likely to be 11 years old, or even a bit older. Reliable cars are valued, however; everyone ends up with at least a few dings and scratches on their cars or trucks eventually. Minor auto body work can buff these blemishes out with ease. When you are dealing with a more substantial problem though, that is when you need to be especially careful to take your vehicle to the right auto body work shop.

Car dealerships that sell certified pre-owned cars are able to guarantee a certain level of value, that is what the program is for and that is why customers feel comfortable buying used. A caveat of this program is that the vehicle was well-maintained, and never incurred major damage to its frame. If you plan to sell your used car outside of a dealership, you should know that establishing trust with potential customer’s will help you sell the car, and at a fair price.

This ties into good auto body work in that even an untrained eye can usually spot a bad fix. An bumpy patch, mis-matched paint or wax job, or essentially anything that does not look seamless will make a car look cheap. A car that looks like it has been put through the wringer is harder to sell unless you drastically drop the price, not something you’ll want to resort to unless nothing else works.

A good auto shop may cost a bit more, this is true. Still, if your car needs some work done it is always a good idea to shop around for the best service at the best price. While you’re at it, consider having the vehicle detailed- the extensive cleaning will be apparent to potential buyers.

Used cars can come in a variety of price points, because the care they were given also varies. A properly maintained vehicle will last a good while, which is why many car buyers are happy to purchase used. If you’d like to know the asking price of your car, check out Kelley Blue Book. It is a good starting point.

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