Want To Fix Your Own Plumbing Problems? Here’s A Basic List Of What You’ll Need In Your Toolkit

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When your home is having plumbing problems and you’re on a budget…who do you call?

You can always start with yourself! Do-it-yourself plumbing is a fun and useful skill for homeowners to learn, helping you save money while still patching up that stubborn leak. Today more people than ever are becoming acquainted with the art of the thrifty homeowner, picking up skills here and there while keeping an emergency plumber on standby. If you’re new to all of this, or aren’t sure which large stainless steel hose clamps you should buy first, the list below will offer you the refresher you need to repair your home’s issues with confidence.

Fun Facts

Consider this the homework part of the course! You’ll want to keep these tips in your back pocket at all times so each and every project is even safer than the last. Remember to keep a well-organized toolbox full of all your different clamps, as a common mistake people make is just tossing them into a pile and treating them all the same way. The hose clamp was first invented in the 1920’s by a former Navy Commander, soon becoming an irreplaceable part of the home maintenance routine.

Spring Clamps

It’s time to figure out the difference between your small and large stainless steel hose clamps so you can keep success on the to-do list. A strip of metal in the shape of a spring, you’ll want to use the spring clamp for the smaller pipes, while larger ones may require another twist on the formula. The different kind of hose clamps include worm gear clamps, spring clamps and wire clamps. Choosing the right one for the job depends on the severity of the issue and how much experience you have.

Screw Hose Clamps

What do people use screw hose clamps for? They’re best suited for temporary fixes during emergencies, keeping problems from getting any worse while you get help. Screw clamps consist of either a galvanized or stainless steel band. The screw thread pattern has either been cut or pressed. Large stainless steel hose clamps are an indispensable part of any do-it-yourself homeowner’s toolkit and shouldn’t be done without.

General Hose Clamps

This is such a large list it has to be chopped up into multiple sections! That’s because hose clamps are available in a very large assortment of different materials and sizes, perfect for people of all levels of experience. Keep in mind hose clamps are usually limited to just moderating pressure, such as in home and automotive applications. Hose clamps can be used as a sort of heavy duty zip tie, considered much more durable than duct tape and much safer until you can reach out to an emergency plumber.

Basic Everyday Tips For Becoming A Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

What else should you know as you gather up your large stainless steel hose clamps and embossed clamps for your new toolkit? Remember never to remove stuck hoses by cutting or slitting them. The last thing you want to do is leave a scratch on the barb, which can cause a leak that costs much more money to replace. You also want to make sure the barb is free of nicks or scratches in the first place. When expanding a hose clamp you need to turn the screwdriver counterclockwise until it opens completely.

Sound like a lot to remember? Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your hobby as a savvy do-it-yourself plumber will take time…and be incredibly worth it!

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