Top Five Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Your Machine Tools

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Have you grown frustrated with your machine tools as of late? It can be difficult keeping them in proper working condition for a long period of time, as rust, cracks and degradation can happen without a moment’s notice and lay waste to all your hard work. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the functionality of your equipment and save on the cost of rebuilding tools. Below are the top five tips for keeping your industrial machine parts working strong, all the better to save you money before you head over to your local machine shop services for repair.

Keep Them Dry

An important and oft neglected aspect of machine tools are being aware of their innate properties. Since these are created for the explicit shaping and machining of metal and rigid materials, any weakness can significantly impact their performance. A machine tool needs to stay dry and away from the elements so they can stay in better working condition for a longer period of time.

Keep Them Oiled

It’s not enough to keep them dry, however. Machine tool parts that regularly rub together need to be well lubricated at all times to avoid noticeable long-term damage. A lathe, for example, should be cleaned and wiped down on a regular basis. Remember to replace your wiper pads when they start to dry out, as well, so they can continue to do their job of maintaining your machine tools.

Monitor Your Parts

Machine tools have a variety of functions to attend to at any given time. These include, b but are not limited to, boring, facing, threading, turning and shaping. The drive belt on your lathe should be checked on a regular basis for tension and consistency. Even a slightly underperforming lathe can impact the end result and leave you backtracking instead of working. The gibs on a lathe, as well, should be constantly adjusted to avoid unnecessary friction between lathe components.

Check Out Noises

Do you hear any strange noises when using your machine tools? This could be a sign of a deeper problem. Any given machine tool should function smoothly and quietly. Clicking, grinding or scraping are signs of inner damage and should have you redirecting to machine shop services in order to prevent further issues. When it comes down to it, any extensive damage should be rectified with the aid of a professional eye.

Use Machine Shop Services

Keeping a close eye on your machine parts, storing them away from the elements and regularly oiling parts will go a long way in preserving your tools. However, any deeper problems or strange noises should be inspected by machine shop services to reduce further damage. A little money now, as the wisdom goes, will prevent a lot of money being spent in the long run and machine tool professionals can help you in due time. With these tips in your back pocket, your tools should have a reliable lifespan in the near future.

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