Three Things to Know Before You Ship a Car Across the Country

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Congratulations! You just purchased a vintage 1978 Chevy Corvette from a specialty dealer online who’s based in Sacramento. You got a great deal, too, and you walked away paying less than you thought it was going to cost overall. Now, it’s time to put that extra cash to good use, and you’ll definitely need to, because you live in Buffalo, N.Y. Your new ‘Vette is going to need to be shipped across the country.

Lucky for you, this is exactly what car transport services specialize in. The auto transport industry is actually quite large and it’s still expanding into new territories, especially when it comes to clean-diesel engines, biofuel and clean exhaust treatments. But not every driver is familiar with what happens when you want to hire one of the many car shipping companies out there to transport your car from, say, California all the way to the East Coast. Here’s what you’re going to need to know before you make any travel arrangements.

Taking stock of your new car’s specifics.

When you make your reservations, you’ll likely be working with a shipping broker who can connect you to any number of car transport services. Once you’re connected, you’re going to need to know the car’s exact weight and its full dimensions, so be sure to ask the Corvette seller for this information at some point during the exchange. If there are brake problems or if the starter needs a bit of work, be sure to have the seller tell that information to the transport crews.

Understanding personal delivery vs. terminal-to-terminal shipping.

It’s possible to have your new ‘Vette delivered right to your doorstep, but you can bet it’s going to cost you a bit more. There are companies that specialize in terminal-to-terminal shipping, which means you’d go receive your new car at a designated drop-off point. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need to give the car a quick inspection after it arrives but before you sign the paperwork, so talk with the seller and have him/her send you photos if possible so you can know if the transport company is to blame for any damages.

Choosing the best shipping vessel for you.

Do you want the protection of an enclosed carrier? That’s going to cost you. Fine with the highway freedom of an open carrier? You might run into problems with rough roads or the elements. These are tough questions to consider, but they’re worth thinking about, especially when the car you’re shipping is your new prized possession. Since you’re shipping a vintage ride, look up car transport services that specialize in antique cars for a more suitable arrangement.

The car shipping process can be a bit hectic, but you can consider this list your primer. Now you’re ready to go out and hire a company to transport your vintage ’78 Corvette right to your driveway, if you choose. Good luck with the planning.

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