The Top Three Benefits Of Using Tinted Windows

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Car window tinting

It can get unbearably hot during the summer — and in some parts of the world, it’s hot almost all year round. But that can’t stop you from getting outside and doing what you need to do. Of course, most of us get around via car, and while this usually isn’t a problem, when it’s hot or even just sunny outside, it can become one. This is because, when light filters into our cars and trucks through untinted windows, it can feel hotter than it would outside. There’s a reason why we don’t leave our children or even our pets inside cars on a hot day. It doesn’t even really have to be hot for this to be an issue; if the sun is shining brightly enough, it will create a hot atmosphere in a car either way, or at the very least cause issues with glare. No matter what the temperature outside, glares on your car’s windshield and windows are problematic. They can obscure your view when driving, and create a number of issues on the road. With that being said, lots of drivers are now looking into vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps, which come in the forms of both car wraps and truck wraps, are essentially tints that create a darker filter for your windows. Sometimes known as clear bra services, these wraps can make a huge difference regarding the safety of your car. Below, we’ll list the top advantages of using car and truck wraps.

1. Driving Is Easier And Safer

The thing about window tinting is that it actually makes driving easier — a tint doesn’t obscure your vision, as some drivers think it would. Some hesitate over getting car or truck wraps because they’re worried that these additions will darken their vision and make driving harder. But driving with tinted windows isn’t like driving at night. You can still see everything as you normally would; you’ll be able to detect the same colors with ease. There will just be a slight filter, which in many cases will enhance your driving ability. Rather than being distracted by a glare, you’ll be able to see clearly while driving. With glares causing nearly 3,000 accidents a year, this is no small issue. For that matter, you’ll be more comfortable, and thus better able to pay attention to what’s on the road. Most states also have regulations regarding window tinting. In Texas, for example, window tints must let at least 65% of the light through in order to be allowed.

2. Sun Damage Is Lessened

Car and truck wraps don’t just make you a better driver — they can also do a lot for your skin as well. We spend so much time on the road, and gradually, the intense light that beams through our windows affects our skin. In fact, it’s estimated that chronic exposure to UV rays through windows may accelerate the aging of your skin by five to seven years. Of course, age isn’t the only skin issue you have to worry about when it comes to sun damage. Sun damage can also cause a variety of more serious problems, including skin cancer. However, a recent study showed that there was a 93% reduction in skin cell death when UV exposure was filtered through UV-absorbing auto glass. While you should still use sunscreen and avoid prolonged periods of exposure to direct sunlight, tinted windows can certainly aid in reducing sun damage to your skin.

3. They Last

The issue with many additions to your vehicle is their longevity. You may worry about the lasting power and durability of truck and car wraps — but you shouldn’t. Upon installation, a Clear Bra usually lasts about seven to 10 years, making it very much a long-term investment. The installation process itself takes just one to four hours. Therefore, this isn’t a service that you’re going to need retouched on a regular basis, and it will have long term effects for your car.

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