Car Window Tinting Protects Drivers and Interior from Dangerous UV Rays


Window tint

Has anyone ever told you that you look at the world through rose colored glasses? The comment can be taken as a compliment or a criticism, but the strongest people take it as a positive. How you see the world and how the world sees you can change everything about the success you have. Those rose colored glasses that are making sure you are seeing things in the best light might be what makes the biggest difference in your life.
While rose tinted glasses may determine how you see the world, a different kind of tint may determine how other people see you. Car window tinting is a popular option for many discerning drivers. It offers protection from the sun’s dangerous UV rays as well as improves the overall look of your vehicle. Although the front windshield in every car is tinted to reduce the amount of UVA rays that get in, the same is not true of the side windows. Left untinted, these windows let in approximately 63% of the sun’t UVA radiation.
This radiation can not only make the car warmer by as much as 60 degrees, it can also damage interior car leather and fabric, as well as the skin of the driver and other passengers. A Harvard Health Watch survey indicates that the average American driver spends just over 100 minutes driving a day. If a driver begins driving at the age of 17 and drives until the age of 78 or 79, the amount of drive time is close to 38,000 hours in a lifetime. A Distractify study indicates that a driver’s time in the car also includes 38 hours a year sitting in traffic, combining for a lifelong sitting in traffic total of three months.
Without a UV car window tinting, that is a lot of time to be exposed to the dangerous UV rays of the sun. While drivers may be careful about protecting their skin when they are out on the beach, many of these same drivers do not protect themselves from the sun’s rays when they are in their car.
While car window tinting can protect the interior of the car and the driver’s skin, other options are available to protect the outside of the car. Automotive paint protection film, also called a clear bra, is a protective coating that can be applied to the front fender of the car. While the installation of this product can take up to the four hours, the clear bra will likely last as long as ten>
Whether drivers select auto window tinting to protect the car’s interior and their own skin from dangerous UV rays, or a car owner selects a clear bra to protect the paint’s finish, how that driver accessorizes a vehicle may well determine how the rest of the world interprets that driver.

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