Sno Pushers Clear Runways and Parking Lots, Make Everyday Life Possible in the Snow Belt

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Pro-tech sno pusher

The Snow Belt in the U.S. and Canada – everything north of 37 N – lives up to its name, getting hit with an average of 80 inches or more of snow every winter. It also lives up to its reputation for toughness, shrugging aside the heavy snow and carrying on with everyday life without missing a beat. But this is made possible by the hard work of snow removal professionals and the heavy equipment they rely on, like heavy duty snow plows and the snow pusher for skid steers, which can clear large areas of snow quickly and efficiently, so life can go on.

Winter hits hard

When winter hits, it hits hard. In their record high winter seasons, Salt Lake City, Anchorage, and Denver have been buried under eight feet or more of snow. And according to the National Snow Analysis by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in March 2015, 63.4% of the contiguous U.S. was covered with snow.

For kids a blizzard might mean a day off from school, but shutdowns due to winter weather carry an economic cost. In 2014, 15% of all catastrophic losses in insured auto, home and businesses were caused by severe winter weather. And in the same year, New York City alone had to spend $130.7 million on snow removal.

Snow removal makes everyday life possible

Heavy snow removal equipment like the bobcat snow pusher, containment plows, and the snow pusher for skid steer can clear large areas over one acre in size quickly and efficiently to keep life functioning efficiently. Containment plows and angled snow pushers can clear parking lots, airport runways and sports arenas to make sure that heavy snow doesn’t disrupt routine activities.

And of course they make sure that football games go ahead as scheduled. The snow plows and sno pusher operators are some of the biggest heroes of the football games, because their hard work makes the games possible.

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