The AC Cobra ReplicaStanding Up to the Original?

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The ac cobra replica is a sports car with a Ford V8 engine which has been manufactured from time to time since 1962 in the United States and England. It is also known as the Shelby Cobra within the U.S. However, realistically speaking, only a few hundred ac cobra sports cars were ever built. The manufacturer actually created them all between 1962 and 1968. During these years he built 350 big-block Cobras and 543 small-block Cobras, and that was it. This explains why these cars are not easily affordable to the general public. The ac cobra replica, however, is a more affordable option, and easier to come by as well.

The original ac cobras were manufactured to be faster than the corvette and actually weighed in at about 500 pounds less. Some race cars are known to weigh close to 3,400 pounds. An interesting fact is that the cobra weighs much less than that. When talking about the cobra’s ability to reach amazing speeds, another fact is that one cobra coupe reached a speed of 186 mph in Britain in 1964.

Because of advances in technology, the replica industry has dramatically improved. Cobra car kit manufacturers creating an authentic ac cobra replica are able to add modern safety factors to the car that did not exist when the originals were built. Some of these features include duel circuit brake systems, collapsible steering columns, and up to date tire sizes. With this being said, the fact is that the ac cobra replica can be built to include many technological advances that move it light years beyond the safety of the original.

Even though the original ac cobra, as is the fact with any race car original, is a collector’s dream, the ac cobra replica is a car definitely worth investing in. Because of the earlier mentioned advances in technology, building a replica also comes with the ability to correct anything that needed a little “tweeking”, so to speak, since the original was manufactured. The original cobra, having been in existence for many years, was built including whatever best features were available in its day. However, many advances have come to light since that time, many of which are included in the ac cobra replica, making it a safer car to drive, among other improvements. Another fact is that most often a replica car kit will include corrections to problems found with the original. Even right down to the size of the cockpit, which originally was too small for the average sized person, has now been enlarged to a more comfortable size.

Although owning an original ac cobra is a dream goal for some race car collectors, the fact is that, as with any original car, the age of the vehicle could present expensive problems. A car collector embarking on this journey will need to understand that there may be things to deal with such as frozen bolts, chipping paint, and rusting that needs repair. Owners of originals must be willing to dig deep in their pockets from time to time in order to keep the car in good shape. It is, after all, an old car.

A modern advantage to owning an ac cobra replica as opposed to an original is that the market value for the replica can be a bit more level. Although the fact of the matter is that the original will always be worth more, when its value depreciates, it can drop dramatically. At this point in time the market for the replica is a very strong one, and, while it will experience some depreciation as the market fluctuates, the drop will not be as dramatic a depreciation as could be felt by the original.

The inside of the ac cobra original is nothing out of the ordinary. This is a car that was built more for its performance than its looks, although its classic good looks on the outside do more than turn a few heads. Its gauges are simply there to accomplish their purpose, and the steering wheel is large and wood-rimmed. The bucket seats are said to be comfortable, except for the fact that they are too upright for most drivers’ comfort. This is a car known mostly for performance.

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