4 Birthday Ideas for a Car Lover

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It’s a lifelong struggle trying to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. Men have a way of not making it easy because it seems like when they need something or want something, they just go buy it. In light of that we have compiled a list of activities that it would be fun to take your man to if he is interested in muscle cars or performance driving or anything along that line.

Rent a muscle car
As far as most guys are concerned, there is nothing better then driving that fast, sleek muscle car. There are places that will rent by the hour or by the day depending on where you’re located. You could rent one of these cars and program the GPS to where you want to take your husband or father or whoever you rented the car for. This way they can still drive but you can still take them to the celebration you wanted to. However, keep in mind that if you’re going to rent a muscle car, your man may not want to do anything but drive around.

Racing a race car
There are many tracks that will allow a person to ride shotgun wall a professional driver races. However, there are still some tracks that will allow civilians to race around the track in cobra replicas or other cars. This is not usually cheap but it is worth it. Being able to drive give someone an entirely different experience than being a passenger. The racing package Will usually include a mandatory safety and driving class prior to getting behind the wheel of a car. Safety gear must be worn but are usually available at the track. Some places include the attire in the price of the rental because it is imperative to wear while other tracks rent it out at an extra cost even though it is still a requirement. Factor in clothes, shoes and helmets when you are pricing this activity.

Car museums
If your man is not much one for driving himself but still is interested in them, you might find a classic car museum near your area. There may not be one in your city but there is bound to be one close by, at least. This is a great place to walk around and look at cars from years gone by. The plaques will show you what the cars were used for as well as statistics on their mileage, speed and other information. There may even be short video clips scattered around the museum showing off the ability of a particular car in its heyday. This can be very interesting to someone that likes these cars. Even if you don’t have a particular interest in classic cars, you might still have fun looking around.

Photo Shoot
Guys aren’t particularly into photo shoots, usually, but if you happen to have one that is; there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up in 50’s attire and posing around a classic car. Pinstripes, poodle skirts and pin curls are in store for you if this is your plan. Make sure that your man would be okay with this. You could let him know that as an added incentive, he will likely be able to get inside the car and take a closer look. Many of these cars are kept in tact but something of them are just shells, kept specifically for pictures so if need be, make sure that you procure one of the ones that are still a full car.

If your man is into cars, you are one of the lucky ones as far as fun things to do go. There’s quite a lot you can do to tickle the itch of a classic car lover. While women would love the black-and-white photo shoot with a classic car, men tend to prefer to get inside and poke around. Keep in mind to the priority is when planning your day with cars. All men are different, no matter what they say, so make sure that your idea matches with what your man in particular would have fun doing. Especially if you are trying to plan this for a birthday or anniversary or something like that.

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