The Importance of Routine Machine Tool Repair

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Machine shops know this important truth: a professional takes care of their equipment so it performs flawlessly, day after day and year after year. Small tool pieces that are handled everyday can be easier to keep in top condition. Wear and tear is more visible when a tool is handheld or movable. Larger pieces, such as those used for tool service, can be more costly to replace if they break down due to lack of proper maintenance. If you would like to avoid the cost of rebuilding tools, keep reading.

The Versatile Lathe and Its History.

A machine tool is actually just a machine that is used to cut or shape rigid materials, like metal. In machine tool repair, a lathe may be part of the machine, as a means of shaping the piece. The lathe was one of the first machine tools that we have record of, and has actually been around since about 1200 B.C.E. in Ancient Egypt. It works by removing excessive bulk from the metal to shape it to the correct form. The final form might be anything: crankshafts; camshafts; gun barrels; even candlestick holders and musical instruments. Cutting, boring, and grinding are all a means of deformation, or shaping. The machine’s lathe has to operate at a high speed to accomplish this.

How to Keep Your Lathe In Good Working Order.

Lathe repair focuses on a one of a few problems. One, the drive belt on a lathe can show deterioration, and needs to be regularly checked for issues in tension and consistency. Secondly, the gibs can cause unnecessary friction between the components. To avoid damage, the gibs need to be adjusted regularly. Lastly, a lathe needs to be cleaned and wiped down consistently. The wiper pads require oil to be reapplied as needed, and should also be wiped down regularly. These simple steps should help keep the machine tool repair to a minimum.

The tools we use to form other tools and our everyday items are worked hard. Maintenance is a vital component in keeping a machine in good working order. To avoid excessive work orders for machine tool repair, make these steps a regular part of machine maintenance.

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