The Benefits of Using a Charter Bus Line

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Humans have known they need a better transportation than their feet for years. Camels, horses, donkeys and all kinds of animals have been used for thousands of years to get us around. Horses were actually used to pull buses as early as the 1820s.

Going even further back than that, in 1662 there was a carriage launched by Blaise Pascal that was well used as what we would now call a bus. However, fares rose and not everyone could afford the carriage anymore besides high society folks and so the carriage went out of business after 15 years until the horse drawn carriage came around in the 1820s.

John Greenwood is said to be the first omnibus driver. In 1824 he bought a horse and a carriage with a few seats and began to charge people to be given rides in it. He required no advance booking and would pick up and drop off passengers wherever they wanted. Quickly, competition arose and soon Greenwood had an entire fleet of horse drawn carriages called the Manchester Carriage Company.

When needing to travel you have many options from airplanes to rental cars to trains to charter bus lines. Nowadays there really is nothing stopping you from seeing the world; somehow, someway it can get done. However, the one form of travel that we are going to delve into this article is charter buses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of bus travel.


You don’t have to drive.

You don’t have to pick the route.

You don’t have to worry about getting lost.

You don’t have to get gas.

You don’t even have to have a road trip buddy.

You can literally hand your luggage to the driver who will put it under the bus, pay your ticket (probably in advance), get on the bus, find your seat and stay there until you arrive at your destination.


Charter bus lines have to have a certain amount of insurance on the vehicles, themselves and the passengers. Not only that but charter buses, according to research, are the number one safest vehicle on the road. The precautions that have been taken to ensure that the vehicles structure and manufacturing are top quality keep passengers and drivers very safe.

Environmentally friendly

Bus travel is the most green form of transportation and the most economically friendly way to travel in all of America. You can compare it to an extremely large carpool method. In terms of numbers, charter bus lines provide more than 200 passenger miles for each gallon of fuel. That is next to the mirror 92 miles for trains, 44 miles for airplanes and 27 miles for cars. So, let’s put it this way, each charter bus could take on 55 cars when it comes to saving fuel and cutting emissions.


One of the best things about using charter bus lines is the affordability. Airplanes and trains can get expensive and even renting a car can be pricey depending on the time of year. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group you don’t have to worry about baggage fees, gas prices, tolls, potential speeding tickets or any of the extra costs involved. Once you pay your inexpensive bus ticket, you are ready to go.

Easy to use

Charter buses are very user-friendly. It’s easy to begin your trip by finding out the routes of the buses and any tour itineraries that you might want during your trip and it is simple to buy a ticket. You don’t have to be concerned about canceled or delayed departures. Generally speaking, and a charter bus line would be willing to accommodate any last minute changes that might happen for you.


With door to door service, who can complain? Buses are a very efficient way to travel because of how many different options and types of buses there are to meet specific needs of every traveling group. Many times buses have Wi-Fi, iPad hook ups, cell phone chargers and sometimes even a desk. Some buses will also provide meals depending on how long the travelers.

As you can see, using a charter bus service might just be in your best interest if you want to arrive relaxed, well rested and ready for whatever your next adventure has to offer.

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