Teenagers Are At A Higher Risk For Car Crashes Than Adults The Benefits Of The Beginner Driving Course

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The road is a dangerous place. It’s up to new drivers that take the hazards seriously to make them safer.

It’s not enough to practice driving with a friend. You need to take a defensive driving school that walks you through every last facet of being a responsible driver. While doing extra homework doesn’t sound like fun, driving classes will pay off in the future when you’re navigating bad weather or talking down a friend who wants to drink and drive. Every little bit counts and your drivers ed classes will provide a simple, step-by-step list to make you an expert sooner rather than later.

Learn to drive from the experts. Here are five things you should know about American roads today and the benefits of signing up for a beginner driving course.

Drunk And Distracted Driving Is Still Rampant

One area you’ll learn more about as you practice driving are all the elements that go into an unsafe trip. Drunk driving is defined by attempting to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, over-the-counter medication, or illegal drugs. Distracted driving, on the other hand, is defined by trying to drive while multi-tasking. From texting to eating, there are seemingly hundreds of small and major distractions that can get in the way of you reaching your destination safely. Drivers ed classes will stress the importance of keeping your attention on the road at all times, even when you become a more experienced driver.

Workplace Injuries And Fatalities While Driving

You might find yourself driving either to work or for work. A driving school will put you in a much better spot to gain the most benefits possible from your regular trips. It’s estimated the average American drives nearly 30 miles per day, making two trips with an average duration of 45 minute. Motor vehicle collisions remain the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace, with the cost of a single accident able to cost over $1 million. Your work might be able to compensate you for miles driven, providing gas and help with car insurance.

Correlation Between Age And Crashes

If you’re a younger driver, listen up. Studies have shown teens are 10 times more likely to be in a crash during their first year on the road. More studies have found 20% of 11th graders reporting being in a crash as the driver in the past year, with 25% of 9th graders reporting being in a crash as a passenger. A major reason for this is less emotional maturity and a tendency to cave into peer pressure, such as driving drunk or neglecting to maintain the vehicle. Driving classes will set you up with daily and monthly basics for you to follow so you and your friends will stay safe.

Avoiding Vehicle Negligence With Know-How

Not only do you need to be careful to avoid distracted driving tendencies and resist peer pressure, you also have to take good care of your vehicle. This means installing winter tires when it gets cold and changing your oil every 3,000 miles or when your manufacturer recommends it. Vehicle negligence costs the country billions of dollars every year, with people attempting to save money by circumventing the auto repair shop and just putting themselves in a worse position. To practice driving is to practice good habits both behind and away from the wheel.

Applying At A Phoenix Driving School

While you’ll gain hours of much-needed practice with the aid of friends and family, it’s a driving school that’ll drill in the basics and ensure you have a strong foundation to work off of. There are nearly 215 million licensed drivers in the country as we know it. Over 85% of American workers commuted to work or school back in 2013. Driving classes are a necessary education to make sure you do your part to reduce the rate of crashes on the road. Vehicle negligence, distracted driving, drunk driving…they’re all easily avoided with a little education.

Stay safe on the road. Practice driving by taking a drivers training course that instills good habits early.

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