Should You Rent an RV Storage Unit? The Answer May Surprise You

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The Joy of Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles allow people to explore the world with the comforts of their own home. They bring a piece of home with them on all their travels and have the benefit of avoiding air travel fees and hotel prices. However, it can be difficult to know how best to store the RV.

You may find yourself wondering, should you keep the vehicle out on the lawn, or rent a storage unit for it? Between car storage systems and RV storage units, the options are seemingly endless! With self storage units, storing a recreational vehicle can be extremely convenient and very beneficial for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Benefits of RV Storage Units:

  1. Prevent Damage. Storing your recreational vehicle inside a facility prevents water damage, rust, and weather damage. By keeping the vehicle out of the elements, it requires less cleaning and maintenance. This frees up your time, saving you money and ensuring an easier preparation for your next big trip!
  2. Avoid Bad Weather. Car storage units provide safety for vehicles during inclement weather. If your home is prone to hurricanes and thunderstorms, or blizzards and icy weather, such a facility will prevent any damage to the vehicle. This also means that less maintenance will be required for your vehicle, saving money when the stormy season finally ends.
  3. Save Space. By keeping your recreational vehicle in a storage unit, you can free space that it would otherwise occupy in your lawn. As a result, you can enjoy your home space a little bit more, without having to worry about the RV taking up too much room.
  4. Security. Most vehicle storage facilities offer forms of security, which ensure that your vehicle will be safe from more than just the weather. While you may have to worry about vandalism to an unprotected vehicle in your driveway, you can be sure that it will be safely protected in a storage unit.
  5. Convenience. RV storage units also offer the perk of convenience. Many facilities will allow you to have access to your unit everyday of the week. This means you won’t be limited to only taking it out on certain days. Instead, you will be able to enjoy your RV whenever you please. You will have the convenience of storing it in your driveway, but the protection and security of a storage facility.

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