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There are about nine million registered motorcycles in the United States today and for each one of them, safety is a major concern. Driving cautiously is a major part of motorcycle rider safety, for both the motorcycle owners and the other car drives on the roads, but, another big aspect of safety for motorcycle riders is the maintenance of their bikes and their bike parts. Any local motorcycle parts store will feature the top parts for safety, motorcycle exhaust parts and even offer motorcycle customization services. It is important as a motorcycle owner and rider that caution and maintenance is kept in mind as motorcyclists are nearly forty times more likely to be in a deadly accident on the road than those who drive regular cars.

Any motorcyclist knows their local motorcycle parts store will have many motorcycle safety tips for drivers readily available. A Consumer Report survey in 2013 found that most issues motorcyclists have with their bikes were brake related. To make sure brakes and other parts are working correctly, the Department of Transportation recommends riders check their bikes for issues before each ride to avoid accidents. Also, it is recommended that all US motorcycle riders use a DOT certified helmet while riding.

DOT certified helmets, motorcycle parts, maintenance information and other motorcycle preventative safety measures can be found at any motorcycle parts store. While owners can find parts online, it is sometimes best to talk to a knowledgeable professional at a motorcycle parts store who can help customize needed parts and provide an experienced opinion regarding your specific situation.

While in the US, only a small percentage of motorcyclists use their bikes as transportation year round, safety is the number one concern no matter what time of year it is. For any accessories, parts, safety information and much more, be sure to find a local motorcycle parts store, talk to a professional and make your ride a safe one. Research more like this:

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