Hyundai New and Used Car Sales in Los Angeles

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In our economy, with gas prices going up and more and more commuters on the road, you need an affordable car with great gas mileage and reliability. If you’ve been searching new and used car sales for a while, you know that you have many choices. One great option if you’re on a budget or in need a newer, more efficient vehicle is to visit a Hyundai dealer to find out about their new and used cars. Hyundai is a popular, efficient, and affordable choice, no matter if you’re looking in their new or used car sales.

Founded in South Korea in 1947, Hyundai continues to be a popular brand to this day.
Hyundai’s vehicles are sold throughout the world in 193 different countries, amounting to sales in some 6,000 dealerships and showrooms worldwide, including used car lots. In 1986, Hyundai began offering their automobiles in the United States, and they set a record of selling the most cars within the first year of business in the U.S. than any other brand. By the spring of 1990, Hyundai had produced over four million vehicles.

Hyundai has remained on the cutting edge of technology with new innovations. In 1991, the company developed its first proprietary gasoline engine, the four-cylinder Alpha, and its own transmission. The development of these auto parts gives the company technological independence and the freedom to create its own advanced auto systems. This has also led to smarter, more economical cars. For instance, the Hyundai Azera gets an EPA-estimated 29 miles per gallon on the highway, perfect for those who commute and those who like the ability to drive wherever, whenever without having to worry too much about fuel costs.

If you’re in need of your next vehicle, be sure to look into the purchase of a new or used Hyundai at a certified dealer. There are plenty of Los Angeles Hyundai dealers with new and used car sales on a variety of Hyundai models. More on this topic.

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