How Wrecked and Near-Totaled Cars are Repaired at an Auto Collision Shop

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When a person gets into a car crash, their insurance company will usually send a representative to assess the damage. If they determine that the vehicle is a total loss, they’ll start the process of getting you back on the road with a replacement. But what if one’s car is only partially damaged and can still be driven? In that case, a person might want to consider taking it to an auto collision shop. Watch the video below for more insight.

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At an auto collision shop, cars that have been in minor accidents or have been involved in fender benders are repaired to look new again. The best part about this type of repair is that it’s fast and affordable compared to other repairs.

A technician will first assess the damage by taking photos of the car from different angles, then removing parts like bumpers and fenders from their mounting points before handing them off for repair. Depending on how much work needs to be done, these parts may be sent out for professional paintwork or replaced entirely with new versions. For more of these details, call home!


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