How To Replace Garage Door Panels After A Crash

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How often do you think you’ve backed up into your garage? One too many times? Are you starting to notice some problems with the door? Maybe it’s a little bent out of shape. Well then, it’s probably time to contact your residential garage doors service.

The first thing you need to look at when analyzing your door is how bad the damage is.

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If the door needs a complete replacement, you’re going to have to budget that into the cost of garage doors. In this case, though, the work only had to be partial, which means the first move is to track down the panels for the door so you can get an exact replacement. If this were commercial garage door repair, you would have many more problems as the larger panels are much more expensive and sometimes difficult to find. But thankfully, you can replace the panels that need to be replaced and call it a day. you’re going to have to take the old panels out, and once you finish that, install the new panels without tightening everything at first. You want to make sure the new panels ride the rails correctly so you don’t get the door jammed.

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