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A truck clutch replacement can be tricky without a walk-through or a good general knowledge of how a clutch goes together. The attached video provides a full DIY guide for how to replace a clutch in your car or truck. If you’re sure that your clutch is worn out beyond reasonable repair, then it may be time to replace it.

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If you’d prefer, you can replace a car or truck’s clutch at home, but the procedure can be a bit long and complicated.

It’s worth noting that replacing your clutch without the aid of a mechanic is something a skilled DIYer can do in any garage or driveway. However, if you’re planning on replacing your clutch with a lift, that also means you’ll need to drop your transmission without a lift. Thankfully, this is far from impossible — mostly, it’s just really awkward.

In the course of this 30-minute video, you’ll see that replacing your clutch isn’t more than a day’s job as long as you have all the tools needed and the patience to replace all of your worn parts.

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