How To Care For and Repair Machine Tools


Sumner lift repair

Machine tools serve a variety of functions in removing metal from a larger piece but may also have functions such as boring, threading, facing or turning. For industries using machine tools–tools that shape and machine rigid materials like metal, care needs to be put into making sure the machine tools receive adequate care and maintenance. Here is some information about caring for and repairing machine tools such as lathes, milling tools and sumner lifts.

Caring For Machine Tools

The cost of rebuilding tools like lathes can get pretty pricey. To avoid rebuilding costs, it is important to care for machines so they stay up and running properly. You can extend the life of machine tools by making sure they are stored in a protected environment that is dry and removed from the elements. This helps offset any weathering that can occur from moisture over time. Another key part of maintaining industrial machines is proper cleaning at regular intervals. Cleaning high precision machining equipment prevents build up that could eventually cause damage or problems with proper functioning. Machines with parts that rub together frequently should be lubricated to prevent damage from wear and tear. Another item to check for is insuring the oil level of the gear box spindle remains in the safe line.

When is it Time for Repairs?

Any machine will require a more substantial tune-up every so often. As machine tools work by shaping extremely hard and durable materials, there are a variety of problems that may occur. If at any time during use, if the machine begins to make a different noise than usual, this is an indication that you should have the machine inspected as it may need a repair. The cost of rebuilding tools that are damaged varies widely depending on the nature of the repair. Often, if the problems are caught early on, the cost of rebuilding tools is minimized. If a problem is allowed to worsen before an inspection, this gives minor damage the opportunity to turn into a larger, more costly problem.

Lathe Repair and Maintenance

The lathe has been around since ancient times, believed to be first developed in Ancient Egypt. Lathes are commonly used machines for creating things like candle sticks, gun barrels, musical instruments and table legs. To promote the care of lathes, it is important to regularly check the drive belt for tension level and consistency, noting any changes. The gibs also need to be regularly adjusted to prevent damage from excessive friction between moving parts. Workers who deal with lathes also need to note the proper cleaning techniques. It should be wiped down and cleaned often and the wiper pads need to be cleaned as well as re-oiled. While many other machinery can be cleaned with pressurized air, the lathe’s chip or gram should not be cleaned this way as air could enter through a crevice and damage the machine.

To ensure each machine is cared for properly, owners’ manuals should be consulted. If any questions arise about performance of machinery, machinery repair technicians who specialize in repairing industrial machine parts should be able to ensure that everything is functioning properly and safely.

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