How to Build a Simple Material Hoist


You can avoid many work-related accidents by always using the proper equipment, such as a small material hoist. This type of tool can help you prevent mishaps from injuring your employees.

Not taking preventive measures in your machine shop makes your employees susceptible to getting hit or crushed by objects, resulting in work-related injury or even death. You should protect your shop employees, especially if they lack proper training and equipment in performing their jobs.

Employees who don’t have access to the right tools will be more likely to drop objects or get injured at work accidentally. With the correct type of material hoist, they can move items much easier, and their work will be more streamlined and safe.

You can also significantly reduce product damage if you equip your employees with the right tools. They will less likely break or drop objects if they place them on the hoist and let the machine do the transporting compared to simply carrying each item by hand all the time. Make sure to clean, maintain, and store the tools properly so they’ll last for years.

Machine shop services often involve tasks like lifting and holding objects. Watch this demonstrative video by UnitedStatesofBuild, where you’ll learn how to build a small material hoist to add to your handy tools. This functional and lightweight tool can be pretty easy to make and extremely valuable to have around your shop.

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