How Commercial Electrical Companies Wire Auto Shops

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Property owners who want to rewire or wire their auto shops can leverage the services of professional commercial electrical companies to speed up the process. Usually, a professional will execute the process in a day. Based on this video, every professional must wear protective gear before starting the project.

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A skilled electrical services provider will use steps to facilitate a safe, efficient, and smooth project.

Set electrical boxes in the studs. Professional commercial electrical companies that use surface-mounted receptacles should determine where they will go and mark those areas using a marker or pencil.
Drill holes along the studs where the cables will go through. Drill holes close to the framing.
Run the cable wires across each box. Commercial electrical companies will strip around 8 inches of sheathing from the wires for this step.

Run the cables through gables, corners, and beams. While running the cable through the garage to each receptacle, staple them after every 48 inches. Install conduits where applicable. Commercial electrical companies must secure wires using a conduit when running wires across a flat wall. .

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