Get that Sexy Purr in Your Classic Car by Checking for These 3 Things

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Many people restore classic cars as a hobby and turn it into a passion that spans years and thousands of dollars. But whether your a vet or a newbie. You should always check these three classic car restoration tips when opening up shop on your baby.

1) Oxygen Sensor

For all the times any person has to go rooting around for the source of the check engine light or get some car detailing done, each has probably had to deal with this more than once. And it’s darn important and can get expensive if left alone. You’ll be significantly less efficient with your fuel and your engine will sound rough and irregular. The part is expensive, so it might save you a buck to ask someone else to confirm what you’re seeing, but it’s a repair you can do yourself if you’re up to the challenge.

2) Oil

Cars are finicky, especially really precious, valuable, cool cars. They have refined tastes which change depending on where they are. You need a heavy oil like 10W-40 if it’s hot where you are or 5W-30 if it’s cold. Older vehicles could need something completely different from modern oil, unless you’ve updated the engine to something completely different. Also look for different additives that could either help or hinder your car’s efficiency and wear.

3) Spark Plug And Ignition Coil

Yeah yeah, just about any classic car restoration tips list talks about spark plugs. Spark plugs are almost a running joke in motor repair. But it’s still the second most common repair needed, so do your duty and check it out. If your car is 60s or later, you might need a custom wire set. Modern cars use way more voltage to ignite, so a high energy ignition may just cause you trouble with starting and gas mileage.

This is basic stuff, but people tend to get full of themselves and forget the basics when they get better at these things. This is also a community thing, so share your own tips about things like auto detailing or auto collision services with people who are new to the hobby, and always cover the basics. It makes things a lot more fun and gets more classic cars on the road.

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