Follow Along To The Installation Of A Home Steel Garage Door

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If you’ve got a garage, installing a garage door is an obvious need. One of the best options available is a steel garage door that is sturdy. And if you get one that’s insulated, it’s an added advantage to keep your garage warm.

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Regardless of the dimensions of a steel garage door, the movements are controlled by spring actions and a motor.

If there is a living space above the garage, belts would be a better and quieter option than chains for the installation. While installing a steel garage door, each panel is placed individually, with the roller tracks being attached to the wall, and leveled. Before the topmost panel is placed, the horizontal track is fixed. This is followed by the torsion spring attachment above it, which takes the weight of the door.

The spring is adjusted to take the torque of the entire steel garage door. The motor is then fixed to the ceiling and electrically attached. The final result is a smooth and quiet operation on opening or closing the garage door.

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