Fixing the Paint Job on a Car


A car will need proper maintenance and care so that it can run at its best, everything from tire pressure to brake fluid to the paint job, and keeping all these parts in good shape will allow any car to look and run at its best. A car owner may be an enthusiast who owns their own car garage, and such experts can take care of repair jobs on their own. They will have the right tools and skills for redoing the paint, for example, on all sorts of models. Jeep touch up paint may be easy to find and apply for such a garage owner, and a car touch up paint kit may not be far away. A touch up paint kit can be used with primer and finisher to make any touch up paint job smooth and easy, and for these DIY experts who own a Subaru, getting Subaru OEM touch up paint can be easy from an online catalog or nearby retailer. OEM is “original equipment manufacturer”, and getting Subaru OEM touch up paint can make it easy for the new paint to match the current paint job. For car owners who have less expertise, meanwhile, taking in a car to a local dealer (especially one that specializes in their brand) is the best route. At a Subaru dealer, for example, the crews will have access to Subaru OEM touch up paint, and if they do not, they can order it at the customer’s request. Mazda touch up paint or Dodge touch up paint can be acquired this way as well.

Cars and Paint

Subaru OEM touch up paint or BMW touch up paint is just the start. All cars will have a paint job done as soon as they are built, and some colors are more popular than others. White has stood as the most popular car paint color in North America since 2006, and other neutral colors are also popular. In particular, the auto industry classifies gray, black, white, and silver as the four neutral colors. In general, clear coats on cars are usually 1.5 to 2 millimeters thick, and this help protect the paint integrity, though of course damage may happen at some point. There are also classification levels for paint damage: 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4, with 1A being the least severe level of damage and 4 being the most serious.

What is damaging car paint jobs? Often, deliberately scratching or keying a car’s paint job is the cause, and a recent Direct Line survey found that 52% of reported car damage is because of keying or scratches. Other trauma may damage a car’s paint job too, such as scraping against other vehicles or items like mailboxes or street signs in a motor accident, as well as weather, such as heavy hail or falling tree branches in a storm. In fact, deep paint scratch repair may cost anything ranging from $300 to over $3,000, varying based on the extend of the damage that has been done.

The Repair Job

Subaru OEM touch up paint, and touch up paint from other brands, may be bought by a DIY car owner after that person determines the paint’s exact color code. This color identity can be found when the car owner checks the barrier between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment, and a sticker or a label there will show the exact color code. The owner can then order paint of this type from a nearby retailer or online, and once the right paint is in hand, such as Subaru OEM touch up paint or Toyota touch up paint, the owner can sand down the affected area, apply primer, then add multiple layers of the paint and finish it with a sealant afterwards.

Another option is taking a car in to a nearby garage, and asking the crew to perform a touch up job. Customers should be aware that the exact cost will vary based on the location of the damage and how much paint will be needed, and the crew might not have the exactly correct color of paint on hand. If this is the case, the car’s owner can provide that information and request that the crew orders that paint from the manufacturer.

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