Five Things to Look for When Finding a Storage Unit

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If you can no longer find room in your house for your belongings, it may be time to look into storage units. Similarly, if you have multiple cars, or an RV, you may also look into renting a storage unit. Finding one, however, can be quite difficult, as you want to make sure you choose your best option. To make sure you find the best storage unit, try to find one that has all of the points listed below.

Convenient access
You will want to find self storage units that offer convenient access, particularly for loading and unloading your items. If the storage unit involves any stairs, or does not allow you to pull your car up directly to the storage unit, keep looking.

Efficient for long term car storage
If you are looking for winter car storage, or for RV storage, you will want to look for car storage units in particular, which are typically larger than regular storage units. Many secure car storage units allow you to store motorcycles and summer vehicles in the winter, when you are not using them, so they are not exposed to the elements. The same goes for RV storage units, which are typically even larger than car storage units. You’ll also want to make sure that the units are clean and dry so that you can keep your vehicles from rusting.

High tech security
You will also want to make sure that your storage unit has high security features. If you are planning on storing anything expensive, especially vehicles, you will want to ensure that your storage unit has electronic gates that only let those who rent units into the facility.

Access seven days a week
When looking at units, one important thing to consider is their hours of business. Some storage units are only open Monday through Friday until a certain time. This can make it difficult to access your storage unit, especially if you have a full time job. To avoid having to schedule your life around accessing your unit, look for a facility that offers 24-hour access, or at least access seven days a week.

The cost of the unit

The final thing you will want to look at when searching for a unit is price. While this is an important factor, it is not necessarily the most important. If you find a cheap storage unit, but it does not have everything listed above, you may be better off looking at more expensive units. While saving money is important, you also want to make sure that your belongings are not subject to water damage or break ins.

Have you ever rented a storage unit? What are some things you looked for? What do you appreciate at your current storage unit? Have you tried a storage unit for RV storage? Let us know in the comments!

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