Five Common Repairs for Luxury Vehicles

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Thanks to the increasing production and consumption of automobiles, the U.S. automotive repair industry has been growing significantly in the past decade. Needing repairs is an unfortunate side effect of owning a car in the 21st century. At a given time, about three quarters of cars on the road are in need of some kind of repair. The U.S. repair industry provides hundreds of thousands of job opportunities. There are over 700,000 automobile mechanics in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry also generates immense revenue (about $58 billion).

All cars are susceptible to mechanical and technical failures, even more expensive luxury brands like BMW and Jaguar. Here are some of the most common difficulties found with these vehicles that will require a trip to a BMW service center or a Jaguar repair shop.

1. Leaking Engine Oil Pan Gasket.

One common issue found in Jaguar cars is leaking in the engine oil pan gasket. This problem needs immediate attention since it can cause burning within the car’s exhaust system. A professional mechanic at a Jaguar repair shop can replace the gasket to fix this problem. If the car isn’t under warranty, the cost of this repair can be over $1,000, depending on the severity of the leak.

2. Transmission Failure.

Transmission repairs. along with engine repairs, represent one of the highest car repair costs in the U.S. It is somewhat common for a Jaguar’s transmission to act up. One way this problem manifests itself is by sticking on one gear or loosely shifting to others. In other cases the transmission may fail entirely. This problem must, of course, be addressed immediately for safety reasons.

3. Power Steering Pump Malfunction.

BMWs have been known to need repairs with their power steering systems. If there is a rumbling noise or harsh vibration against the steering wheel there is most likely a malfunction with the power steering pump. BMW service costs vary for the replacement of a power steering pump, though the cost is usually between $300-$500.

4. Cooling System Malfunction.

Another common issue with both BMWs and Jaguars is with their cooling systems. Since these systems are complex and made up of many moving parts, one small issue can lead to a malfunction of the entire system. Having this problem fixed is cheaper than having engine or transmission problems taken care of.

5. Ignition Coil Failure.

Another fairly common issue that might send someone to a nearby Jaguar repair shop is ignition coil failure. An ignition coil’s job is basically to generate the spark that gets the engine running. If this spark misfires it may cause the engine to not run properly. Replacing an ignition coil with typically fall between $200 and $300.

Cars are complex machines that require constant inspection and maintenance. Fortunately, there are numerous professionals in the automotive repair industry who can understand the problems cars undergo and can fix them with relative ease. These men and women are essential for keeping the roads, and the people riding along them, safe and comfortable.

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