Designing Your Very Own Custom Roadster

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What do you look for when you create a custom roadster? The design cultures and sub-cultures surrounding cars are almost too numerous to name, with people of different backgrounds all bringing their unique perspectives and tastes to the table. Some have a heavy interest in racing, seeking out road and track equipment to give their vehicle the power and polish it needs to beat the competition. Others are more interested in authentic replication of classic models and will peruse shop after specialty shop to make their dream car a reality. Finding the one that’s right for you takes a little research and patience, but is by no means out of your reach. Let’s look at the history of the custom roadster and muscle car, from America to the United Kingdom, and what you should look for when customizing your dream vehicle.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some fun facts. While we’re all familiar with race tracks and the powerful vehicles that made this sport a household name, the history behind them is just as interesting if not more so! Racing cars and classic roadsters can weigh as much as 3,400 pounds, but thanks to Cobra models the standard became much lighter and more efficient. These soon became a landmark example for cars to come, thanks to an innovate designer by the name of Carroll Shelby. Although race cars can hit a variety of different speeds, they’re famous for being able to hit over 200 mph.

History Of The Cobra

Carroll Shelby first created the Cobra decades ago, starting with 654 small-block Cobras as well as 350 big-block versions back in the 1960’s. These served as significant competition during an age when car technology was truly starting to take off not only in the West, but countries all across the world. The popular brands you know today, such as Honda and Chevrolet, are all thanks to the very first steps in this technological field. The lightweight version of the Cobra first debuted at the 1990 Geneva Salon, one of the most famous and prestigious motor shows worldwide. Shelby’s original AC Cobras were originally designed to beat out the Corvette, with one of their most prominent features being their significantly lighter weight.

Cars And Racing

If you’re looking into a custom roadster, you’re likely already caught up on racing culture. Among average races, there are a variety of different tracks — there are short tracks, speedways and super speedways. These can range anywhere from 0.5 to 2.5 miles long apiece. An AC Cobra Coupe reached a landmark 186 miles per hour on a Britsh motorway back in 1964, setting the standard for cars to come. The SFI Foundation, a non-profit organization, continues to release updated ratings and rankings on racing equipment — they rate everything from racing car gear to equipment in terms of protection and longevity. One piece of equipment could factor as three seconds of protection, while another can last up to 40 seconds long.

Creating A Custom Roadster

Creating the car of your dreams is simple if you establish the basics. For some out there they choose to find a replica car kit, to better build and craft their custom roadster to their heart’s desire. There are a multitude of different kits out there, such as Cobra car kits hearkening to Shelby’s classic models to more modern muscle car kits. Car maintenance should go without saying, as well, as regular repair will ensure both you and other drivers on the road are safe no matter the type of car you own. Last, but certainly not least, try to become familiar with custom car manufacturers — that way you can ensure you’ll always get quality equipment. What kind of custom roadster do you want to build?

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