Car Breathalyzer Prices Will Always Be More Affordable Than Costing Someone a Life

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Drinking and driving is still a very serious problem across the country. Though there have been steps taken and programs implemented to attempt to address the issue, with some success, there are still 28 people dying each and every day at the hands of a drunk driver. Clearly there is much more work to be done. The good thing is that as our society continues to develop, and technology advances, more and more options become available, many with more promising results than previous strategies had.

Among these new advancements are ignition interlock devices, which are essentially personal breathalyzer tests that are connected to your vehicle. And while car breathalyzer prices may seem expensive, as new technologies often are, they are much more affordable than the costs of drinking, driving, and destroying your life or others’.

Comparing car breathalyzer prices with their benefits
There range of car breathalyzer prices can vary depending on location, the length of the lease of the system, and the circumstances that led to the need for it in your vehicle. More often than not, the presence of an ignition interlock device denotes prior problems with drinking and driving, most likely previous DUI convictions and arrests. While fines, license suspension, and jail time can all be effective tools and punishments for driving under the influence, the ignition interlock system is a valuable tool to help create better habits for the future.

In fact it has been shown that those who have spent time driving with an interlock device in the vehicle are less likely to drink and drive even after the system is removed. The chances of reverting back to the habit of drinking and driving is reduced by 39% for those who have had the device in the car with them, as opposed to those who have not driven with the ignition interlock. When yearly costs for collisions and accidents that are caused by alcohol total over $59 billion, the price for an interlock system looks like next to nothing.

How does the system work?

The ignition interlock is set up so that you must blow
into the breathalyzer before you are able to start your car. If your blood alcohol content registers below 0.08, you are under the legal limit. However often times when this device is necessary, the limit will be set much lower than that, to discourage any drinking at all before getting behind the wheel. Once the car starts, you will be prompted to breathe into the device every five to 15 minutes, and at random intervals as well, to guarantee that you are not drinking in the vehicle.

If you are drinking and your blood alcohol content registers as having risen, or if you do not breathe into the device at the times that you are prompted to do so, the lights and horn will go off, attracting attention much like a car alarm would during an attempted burglary.

The system has proven to be quite efficient and effective in many cases already, and we may just see a time when these devices are widespread, eradicating the drinking and driving problem for good.

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