What Your Tires Are Trying to Tell You

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Without your tires, your car would be useless. If you think your engine is the one powerhouse behind your car, think again as the tires are so incredibly important. Your tires can tell a lot about the condition of your car, so read this list to keep an eye out for some warning signs that you car may not be running as smoothly as you’d like.

The tire tread is only worn down in the middle

Your tire treads should always be worn down uniformly. But if you are only noticing your tire wearing down in the middle, this can mean it is over-inflated and only the center part of the tire has touched the road. In order to prevent this, pay attention to the tire pressure notification on your dashboard to get the right level of air pressure and inflation.

Cracking and bulging, especially in the tire well

While some cracks can come from hitting a pretty deep pot hole, this can sometimes be a sign you have chronic inflation. If the tire is not properly filled, it is more susceptible to damage.

Scallops or cupping down the side of the tire

If your tire looks like it has an alternating pattern of hills and valleys, then bad shock absorbers could be to blame. This is a sign that the tire comes down harder in some spots than others, and that it is out of balance. If you notice this, head down to a tire company right away as you will need to buy new tires as this cannot be fixed.

The tire is worn down on the outer edge

When both outer edges are worn down, this is a tell-tale sign of under inflation. This can be a huge problem for used tires, and it can be difficult to notice at first glance so always be diligent if you are buying pre-owned.


When your used tires feel gradually worn down on the side of the tire, this can be a clue your car’s alignment is off. This can be because of worn suspension or improper car toe settings, so head to a mechanic right away.

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