Bikers Rally To Free Captured Marine


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Too often, motorcyclists or bikers get a bad reputation. Stereotypes of bikers covered in tattoos, leathers, and chains — and belonging to gangs of sorts — are seldom true. In fact, bikers often come together for companionship and sometimes even to change the world around them. That’s exactly what a group of Nebraska bikers is trying to do.

Nebraska Bikers Rally To Free Captured Marine

“Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi drove his truck into Tijuana not knowing he had crossed the Mexican border with firearms,” KMTV writes. “All of the guns were legally registered in the United States. But in Mexico, firearm possession is almost completely illegal. He has been behind bars since April 1st on weapon charges.” In response, hundreds of Nebraska bikers outlined a specific path and area to publicly protest the marine’s arrest on Wednesday, July 2. Mexicans will decide Tahmooressi’s fate in the coming weeks. This show of faith — or riding for a good cause — is not altogether uncommon. One biking community rode to Idaho to celebrate the birthday of Gage Driskell, 11. Gage is struggling with brain and spine tumors, and, when asked what he wanted for his birthday, the young boy replied that he wanted to ride a motorcycle.

Why Bikers Should Be Looking Out For Themselves First

Riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous — and, good intentions aside, experts agree that motorcyclists, first and foremost, should be looking out for themselves. Triumph dealers and Victory dealers warn bikers are 35 times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes. For that reason, things like motorcycle maintenance tips are absolutely critical. Motorcycle dealers also recommend wearing protective equipment, such as helmets, at all times.

Bikers are people, too — and some of them are incredibly kindhearted in spite of negative stereotypes. Motorcycle dealership recommend exercising necessary caution, no matter where bikers choose to go on their bikes. Helpful links.

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