Are You Planning to Rent a Limo for Your Big Night Out on the Town?

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The young group of high school freshmen have a great plan for their first ever Homecoming dance. With four girls and seven boys going to the dance as friends they are excited to get dressed up, take pictures, go out for dinner and then finally head to the dance. The only bad thing about being freshmen is that no one in the group is able to drive yet. So after getting all dressed up and looking like real high schoolers for once, these students are supposed to climb in their parents’ car and ride to the dance as if they are still in middle school? Kind of ruins the effect, doesn’t it?
Hiring a limousine or shuttle service for a night or a weekend is a fun option for people of all ages. Riding in a fancy car provided by a limousine service is just as fun for a group of dressed up high school freshmen as hiring a shuttle for a business weekend in the city is for seasoned adult travelers. There’s just something special about letting someone else do the driving while you sit back and relax.
The taxi and limo rental service industry in America generates an estimated $11 billion of revenue a year. For some reason we are a country full of people who like to celebrate special events with a fancy ride. Especially if someone else is driving.
While some see the stretch limo rental as a party night option, others use a shuttle service that provides limousine rental as an efficient and affordable way to get guest clients to and from the airport, meetings and dinner. Think about it? Isn’t it easier to entertain and encourage conversation with clients if someone else is driving? If you are busy trying to decide between taking I680 North or Highway 6 to reach your downtown destination, doesn’t that cut into the time you have with your clients and potential customers? Hiring any kind of shuttle service eliminates the hassle and expense of parking, while at the same time providing the opportunity for a large group to travel together. In the case of a business visit, this makes even the travel time an opportunity to talk about sales numbers, sales projections, and anything else that is on the agenda.
Currently, an estimated 200,309 taxi and limousine services operate in the U.S. This industry employs an estimated 256,651 people. Isn’t it time you tried out riding in style like that young homecoming crowd? Who knows? Maybe next year when they are sophomores and some of those young dancers are able to drive themselves, they will still opt for the most fun option. Party bus, anyone?

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