Are You Neglecting Your Vehicle?

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It is not a grave sin to push the maintenance appointment of your vehicle. But vehicle neglect does lead to car crashes in some cases; more than 2,600 people die annually because of this neglect. Everyone thinks it will not happen to them. Wondering what could be considered neglecting your vehicle?

    1. Low fluid levels, whether coolant or oil
    2. Overheated transmission system
    3. Unusual squeaks or other noises

So, now perhaps you are seriously considering seeing your favorite mechanic to fix that odd noise your car has been making (it could be serious, right?). But how do you choose which mechanic to go to? What parts are best for your vehicle?

It is a personal choice to choose a automobile repair shop. Some vehicle owners like to go to the one with the best current deal on oil changes; other people make the choice to go directly to the dealer garage. Each choice has its merits. Some enterprising car owners that like to take on custom projects may even choose to make repairs themselves. Either way, if the car is, say, a Dodge Ram, there is going to be a search done by someone for “online Ram parts.”

Once the repair process begins, the first step is choosing where those online Ram parts will come from, meaning, the supplier. The number one reason a technician in an automobile repair shop chooses one supplier over another is not the quality of the product, but the reliability of having the parts they need in stock. Genuine Jeep parts or genuine Dodge Ram parts are made by the actual Jeep or Dodge Ram company, with the logo on the replacement part. Original Equipment Manufacture, or OEM, are made for the company, but packaged differently, without the Jeep or Dodge Ram company logo. Wondering what the difference is between these two?

The difference is that an OEM part may not always qualify as an OEM part. Meaning if you own an older vehicle, double check that the online Ram parts are still in favor with the company to work with your vehicle. But remember that any maintenance is better than no maintenance.

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