Are You Looking To Buy A New Or Used Car? Check Out Your Best Options Here…

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Local subaru dealers

If you happen to be in the New York area, be sure to stop in at the car dealerships in Rochester NY.

When it comes to cars dealerships in Rochester NY, check out local chevy dealers and local Subaru dealers.

At used Chevy dealers and new Chevy dealers, it’s nice knowing that both kinds of Chevy are notably popular and dependable; owing to the fact that every 6.5 seconds, a Chevy is sold. In fact, internationally, Chevrolets are zipping up and down about 2/3 of the roads across the world.

In 2011 alone, Chevrolet retailed over 4.76 million trucks and cars. As we’re citing history, since 1912, Chevy has manufactured over 200 million trucks and cars to people of all walks of life.

For the sake of illustration, in 2010, if you were to take all the Chevrolets that were bought, and lined them up, bumper-to-bumper, the line of cars would reach up to 51% of the earth’s circumference.

Undoubtedly, Chevy is popular because it’s durable.

As a constant reminder, people often associate the famous Chevy bowtie with exceptional quality and service; the Chevy emblem was first used in 1913 and it’s been a sign of genuine workmanship ever since.

To make the most of your time while visiting Rochchester dealerships, be sure to also research and test out the inventory at your local Subaru car dealers.

For car dealerships in Rochester NY, Subaru is similar to Chevy in the way that both cars go the extra mile and they’re willing to stake their reputations on it!

Subaru inventory is fully stocked with choices for every kind of taste. The styles and colors vary, but every model is worth the investment, from the first Subaru car, the Subaru 1550, all the way to the newest designs.

In Philadelphia of 1968, Subaru of America was launched; since then, Subaru is best known for its boxer engine layout and smooth ride.

Like Chevy, Subaru is also known for its emblem and name: the word Subaru is a Japanese term for the Pleiades star cluster, which is what actually motivated the classic starry Subaru logo.

Ultimately, regardless of which of the two car dealerships you choose, by picking a Chevy or Subaru, you’re good to go!

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