Are You Happy with the Look of Your Car or Truck?

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Truck bed liner spray gun

It was a noticeable change.
When your daughter left for her freshman year in college she was driving a 2016 Hyundai Elantra. The four door, small body care was easy to park, got great gas milage, and could carry four of her friends, if three were willing to sit in the back seat. Unfortunately, an older woman ran a red light and hit your daughter’s car, totally it. In the process of figuring out what kind of car should be the replacement, you father offered to give your daughter his older pickup truck. To your surprise, your daughter thought it was a great idea.
The fact that it was a gift made it especially appealing, but your daughter had other reasons for falling in love with the much larger form of transportation. She likes sitting up high when she drives, she likes having space in the back of the truck for gymnastics mats when her team is hosting a meet, and she loves the fact that both of her best friends can sit up front with her when they road trip together.
It costs more in gas, but the fact that it does not involve care payments makes that seem like no big deal. Because it is an older truck, the taxes and licensing fees were less expensive as well. You have made an appointment with a friend who has a bedliner spray gun and you are going to have him apply that when she has the truck home for winter break. According to your dad, he always meant to get a new spray bedliner installed but he just never got around to it.
What Accessories or Upgrades Can You You Add to Your Vehicle?
Both brand new and used trucks are popular vehicles, but with most of the buyers selecting vehicles in only a few colors they can look very much alike. In addition to adding personality, some after market add-ons can actually protect the vehicle:
Bedliners. Added as an after market item, many truck drivers add bedliners to protect the surface of the truck. Spray on bedliners can protect the surface of the truck from dents, scratches, and rust. Appied in dark grey or black, bedliners also hide other marks. Spray on truck bedliners come in two basic kinds of material, and in two main types of application processes. The two types of material are aromatic and aliphatic compound, and each of these can be applied through a low pressure process that is not heated, or a high pressure process that is heated.
Spray systems include two individual spray system components: the diisocyanate and the polyol. Both are metered by the processing equipment and fed through a hand-held spray gun. As these components meet they react, and this reacted mix is applied by a trained applicator, who is wearing protective clothing.
Cutting Tape Graphics. Using vinyl designs that are applied with the use of cutting tape, many truck owners decide to create a unique look for their vehicle. Some times the cutting tape process is used to apply company logos or or other identifying marks. Some times the cutting tape process is simply used for decoration.
With a combination of several different colors, these cutting tape applications can even create realistic designs with incredible detail. If you are tired of walking into a parking lot and searching for your truck among all of the others that look exactly alike, you might try a custom vinyl design on the side. Applied by an expert, there is literally no limit to the kind of unique design that can be applied.
Custom Floor Mats. The carpet inside a truck can get dirty and worn very easily. As a remedy, many truck owners buy heavy duty custom made floor mats. Although factory floor mats come with vehicles, they, too, can easily become both dirty and worn. A decision to purchase heavy duty floor mats that are custom made for the make and model of your car is a decision to protect the interior carpet of your new or used vehicle.
Whether you are a student who is driving a truck for the very first time or you are a grandfather buying your fourth truck, customized bedliners, side graphics, and floor mats can add to its value.

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