3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Hiring a Snow Removal Service

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With winter approaching faster than you think, it’s likely time for your business to consider hiring a commercial snow removal service for the upcoming season. When winter storms result in a shocking $2.4 billion in insured losses across the U.S. per year, it’s important to invest in the best snow removal services possible in order to keep your customers and employees safe.

However, finding the right contractors can be a daunting task, with thousands of different snow removal businesses working across the country — and some more reputable than others.

Not sure if you’re hiring the right commercial snow removal business? Make sure you choose the best snow removal service in your area with these three tips:

Get plenty of estimates

Depending on which business you hire, the prices for utilizing their snow pusher boxes and containment plows can vary widely. Prices often differ depending on the area you need plowed and whether you’ll need sidewalk-clearing services as well. Get estimates from a number of different businesses to determine which business is best for your budget. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Be aware of any additional charges

Some snow removal contractors make a habit out of slipping in hidden charges and fees into their contracts, ultimately costing you more. Be aware of any additional charges that will be applied during severe snow storms or whether the contractor calculates prices based on inches of snow plowed. Some businesses offer a flat yearly rate for their services, which is likely the best option.

Know what services you’re paying for

Lastly, be sure you understand what exactly you’re getting when you hire heavy duty snow plows to come to your business in the winter. Know if you’re getting sidewalk and step coverage, and whether or not the business will salt the walking areas around your business. Also, be aware of when your contractors will come to your business, whether it’s during a storm or after the storm subsides.

Have any other questions about the steel snow pushers and heavy duty snow plows used by commercial snow removal contractors? Feel free to ask us anything by leaving a comment below.

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