The Top Three Lesser Known Facts About Cars and Those Who Operate Them

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For all the things people learn about cars, trivia may not be among them for everyone. More often the focus is on the operation or repair of vehicles. Here are three little fun tidbits you may not have picked up about cars:

1. Starting a Car Isn’t Worth a Shot

Starting a car takes a certain amount of gasoline and a certain amount of electricity. On some level, every driver knows this, but seldom worry about it. The reason for that is that it takes less than an ounce of gas to start a car’s engine. It takes about a third of a shot glass of gas to start the car. That’s certainly a very small amount of gas, but it isn’t insignificant over a long period of time with unnecessary starts. It can work out to be more with older cars, such as a father’s pre owned Subaru or a grandfather’s rusty pickup. The size of the engine can make a difference too, though, so perhaps the pre owned Subaru might be better off than a new muscle car.

2. Cars Can Be as Wired as Their Drivers

Cars are known for having all sorts of tubing, piping, and wiring. New car dealers might flaunt how complex their stock is, while used car dealers might discuss how their wired and pipes are easily replaced. You might be surprised to hear that cars aren’t too different in the amount of wiring they have though. The average car has a bit more than one thousand yards of electrical wiring throughout its hull. Event the best new cars with all sorts of car safety features have about that amount, just as the older models do.

3. The Consequences of Reckless Driving Are Not Equal

When out on the road, cars can reach great speeds. That’s part of the appeal. Legally, though, we are often limited to thirty, forty five, or fifty five miles per hour. Not every driver respects those limits. When drivers disregard the rules of the road and go a bit faster than is permitted, they are not treated equally. Police are more likely to give a man a speeding ticket rather than a woman, which may say something about our society, but when women are given speeding tickets, they are more likely to contest them as compared to men, which may say something about our psychology. What do you think is most interesting about cars? Links like this.

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