The Top Three Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Your Local Subaru Dealer

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There are scores upon scores of Subaru cars on the road with just as many people who are loyal to the brand. How much do you know about this company though? Here are three fun little tidbits you may not have picked up at the local dealership:

1. Subaru is a Stellar Car Company

The Subaru name is out of this world, but I’m not talking about the used Subaru dealers. The Subaru inventory is surely full of great stuff, but its namesake is the really stellar part of them. Subaru is named after the Japanese word for the Pleiades star cluster. This also inspired the Subaru logo that is fixed on all the Subaru car dealers’ vehicles. Your local Subaru dealers may not know it, but their brand is more interesting than they may think!

2. Subaru of America was Born where the United States of America was Born

A long time ago on the second of July in 1776, twelve of the thirteen colonies signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia and this great nation was born. A little less than two hundred years later, Subaru of America was born in the same city. The first Subaru of America was initiated in that historic city in 1968, bringing these Japanese cars to American culture. This seems like a great example of America as the great melting pot!

3. Subaru is Doing Its Part to Save the Planet

When you go to your local Subaru dealers, they may not use what happens to your car after it has died as a major selling point. After all, you don’t usually want to think about broken cars when you’re buying a new one! In Subaru’s case, however, it ought to be a talking point. When a Subaru car dies, over ninety seven percent of its raw materials can be recycled and re-purposed. Hardly any of a Subaru car could even get near a landfill! What do you think about Subaru? Good refereneces:

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