How Does Window Tinting Work?

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This YouTube video shows the process of window tinting. It’s done by Elliot Baker of Tint School Online.

Why It’s Done

This process is done for a variety of reasons. Some car owners tint their windows for privacy and security.

Video Source

Others do it for UV protection and the minimization of heat buildup in the car.

How to Shape The Film

In order to shape the tint film, soapy water should be sprayed on the window before applying. This allows the film to glide onto its surface. Once it’s tucked into the bottom side of the window, the tint film is cut to the window’s shape with a stainless steel blade to prevent scratching.

How to Shrink the Film

Once the residue film is removed, use a hairdryer and a squeegee on the tint. The former shrinks the film down. The latter smooths it out to remove air bubbles.

Film Installation

When the window tinting is shrunk down to size, it’s removed to cut the remaining loose edges. Then, the interior window is cleaned to minimize imperfections in the tint. Both the window and film are sprayed with soapy water for the final installation.

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