Why Are More People Buying Used Cars?


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For decades, used cars have been an important part of the American automobile market. Millions of families have searched for the best used cars in their area, often looking for a first car for a teenager driver or an affordable family vehicle. However, with a wide selection of used cars for sale across the country and the cost-effective value of used cars, the number of people interested in buying used cars is increasing. Ask yourself: should your next vehicle be a used car?

The Used Car Industry is Growing
While people have been buying used cars for quite some time, recent statistics show that sales are increasing: from 2011 to 2013, there was a 4.4% increase in used car sales in the United States. And with approximately 41,000,000 used cars sold in the U.S. during 2013, that rate will likely continue to increase. Regardless of trends, used cars are undeniably an integral part of the automobile industry: currently, the average age of a car in the U.S. is 11 years old. But why have used car sales increased?

The Many Benefits of Buying a Used Car
Used cars are typical purchased for their value, as the average price of a used car in the U.S. is around $14,375, considerably less than the cost of a new vehicle. However, buying a used car also allows you to choose from a wider selection of brands in models without compromising your budget. Despite the fact that used cars are often believed to be damaged and low-quality, this wide selection makes it easy to find the best used cars for your needs. Moreover, used cars that are only two to four years old often have all of the benefits of a new vehicle at a much lower price, due to the high depreciation rate that affects new cars once they are driven off the lot.

While many people likely suspect that the typical used car is a problem-riddled, cheap vehicle best left to new drivers, the truth is that used cars come in a wide selection of choices, from nearly new to older but steady. As a result, more people than ever prefer to buy used vehicles instead of spending money on a rapidly-depreciating model. Could an affordable used cars be right for your lifestyle and budget? Visit a local used car dealership to find out! Find more.

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