Want to Install a Spray on Truck Bedliner? Learn How Here

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Spray bed liner

If you have a truck, you probably want to to protect the bed from the elements. Bedliners are the best way to keep it protected from weather and the things you haul around. Spray on bedliners have a lot of advantages over other kinds so get out some vinyl cut tape and get started protecting your truck.

  1. Clean out your truck. The first step to getting the best spray on bedliner job is to clean out your truck. If you have any accessories in the truck bed, you need to remove all of them. One great rule of thumb is that you need to remove anything that you do not want to end up covered with the spray bedliner.
  2. Pre-clean the truck bed. After you have all of your stuff, debris and anything else that was in the truck bed out, you need to pre-clean it with a grease, oil and wax remover. All spray on bediner dealers should be able to sell you some products to help with this if you need it. You may want to consider sanding the surfaces you will cover with the liner.
  3. Wash your truck. This may seem like a given but the cleaner your truck is when you apply the spray on liner, the better. It will have a much better chance of adhering to the surface of your truck. Make sure you leave some time for your truck to dry after you have washed it. It needs to be totally dry when you start on the next step.
  4. Mask the truck with your vinyl cut tape. Using wiretrim tape helps achieve a perfect edge without using a knife or blade that can damage your truck. Use the vinyl cut tape around all of the edges of your spray bedliner surface. Cover other areas with plastic, masking paper or film. If you do not want the spray on it, it needs to be covered up.
  5. Sand your truck. If you did not sand the surface already, do it now. Take care with the sander to not pull off your vinyl cut tape that you just laid down so carefully. Use an air gun to get rid of the dust that is created by the sanding process. Wipe down the surface after this step to make sure you have gotten it all off. You do not want any dust to be on the surface of the truck when you start to apply the spray on bedliner. If you went over any of the vinyl cut tape, you may have to add more. Even if you do not see too much damage, it is easy to damage the wire cut tape and interfere with its ability to give you the professional edges you are looking for.
  6. Get your bedliner material ready. Most of the time, the bedliner material has not been given a color. As a consequence, you will have to add your own pigment. Many people like this because they can be creative with the color of their truck bedliner. Use a squirrel mixer to get your color right.
  7. Apply the bedliner. You should use a low pressure setting and rapid cure option. Pass the spray over the area you want to cover slowly. You will have to go over your truck bed multiple times to get the desired result. Take your time to get an evenly applied spray on bedliner for your truck. Let this dry. Wait longer than you think you need to before you do anything to the truck bedliner after you have applied it. The longer it has to dry, the better.
  8. Take off the vinyl cut tape. This is the last step in the process of applying a spray on truck bedliner to your truck. Carefully remove your tape by peeling it back at a 45 degree angle. It is best if you can pull each piece off without breaking it. This helps insure you have the best edge possible. Using vinyl cut tape is one of the best ways to give your truck a great professional look.

One of the best tools you can use when you are applying a spray on bedliner is you patience.



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