Understanding The Benefits of Simulcast Technology


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Simulcast software is an exciting, and game-changing form of auction technology often used in car auctions. Simulcast technology poses several key advantages to both those selling or buying used cars through auctions. To help you understand some of the benefits of simulcast technology, here is a list with some explanation and details of some of the advantages to using smartauction software.

Simulcast Technology Augments Physical Auctions Instead Of Replacing Them

Simulcast is defined as live, simultaneous broadcasting of a physical auction over the internet. Unlike many technology options, simulcast technology does not have any of the drawbacks of removing the physical auction component because it expands the auction to a wider audience, instead of replacing a physical auction with an online auction. While the convenience of accessing auctions online appeals to many consumers, for consumers who enjoy the physical auction where they can see the products up close, simulcast technology does not interfere or change the physical auction experience at all.

Simulcast Technology Allows Vendors To Build Customer Loyalty

Vendors who specialize in GSA auto auctions can use simulcast technology to continue to reach consumers who may not be able to attend physical auctions. Making the auction easier to attend and allowing for bidding from off-site bidders builds customer loyalty. When bidders have success using new technology, they are likely to continue using that new form of technology unless they experience issues.

Simulcast Technology Provides Options For Consumers’ Convenience

One of the downsides of physical auctions is the time management component. Simulcast technology allows users to preview items online to enhance planning for the auction. This can also result in generating hype for certain items leading up to the date and time of the auction. Another key advantage of this technology is its allowance for online users to make proxy bids ahead of time. Thus, users can bid at their convenience in case they are busy during the actual auction time.

Simulcast technology has impacted auto auctions in several ways. It is important to understand the advantages this technology poses if you are involved int he world of automobile auctions. If you have any questions or comments about simulcast technology, feel free to comment.

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