Three Tips for Choosing the Best Car Dealer for Your Needs

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Best used cars

Making the decision to buy a used car over a new car has its advantages. After all, used cars are typically cheaper to purchase, and because they’re used, you can often get much cheaper insurance premiums from your provider. That shouldn’t be read to mean that buying a used car from your local used car dealerships is easy.

One of the biggest problems, as IBIS World statistics show, is choice; there are more than 126,000 businesses specializing in the sale of pre owned cars. How can you possibly tell the good from the bad? Start by following these three simple tips to tracking down the best of your local used car dealers.

Three Signs of a Great Used Car Dealership

  1. First Things First: How is Their Reputation?
  2. As details, the first thing you should find out before shopping with any of your local used car dealers is their reputation. Thanks to the worldwide web, finding out about a business is easier than ever before. Look at business reviews online, contact the Better Business Bureau, and ask family and friends if they’ve ever worked with your local dealers. By doing your research, you’ll set yourself up to make the most educated decision possible.

  3. Listen for Dishonesty
  4. While 99.9% of car dealers are good business owners looking to form a mutually beneficial relationship with their customers, many others are looking only to line their pockets. That’s why DriverSide recommends you be an active listener in any sales negotiations. Is the dealer trying to lie to you about your credit score to drive up the costs of financing? Do they tell you that the car you absolutely love is worth a few thousand above the Kelley’s Blue Book value? If you hear your dealers trying their hand at dishonesty just to make a buck, it’s time to find someone else.

  5. Consider Their Selection
  6. Obviously, you also want to go to a dealership that actually offers the type of vehicle you’re looking for. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should judge a dealer based only on what’s on their lot at the moment. Say, for example, you want a really safe car, so you start looking for the latest Nissan Altima. If you go to a Nissan dealer and they don’t have the Altima you want on the lot, the best dealers will be more than willing to order it for you. Definitely consider each dealer’s selection, but also consider what they’re willing to do to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you have a lot of experience with used car shopping, share some of your advice for finding reputable second hand car dealers in the comments below. Find more on this topic here.

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