Thinking Of Upgrading Your Snow Plow For The Winter? Read This

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Snow pusher for skid steer

If you remove snow for a living or even as a side job, you’re a hero plain and simple. Many billions of dollars are forfeit each year due to falls caused by snow and ice, and that’s not even taking into account the hundreds of car accidents that occur due to snowfall. Sure the governor can get on TV and talk about safety precautions and people can replace their tires and shoes and whatever else has a slip hazard, but at the end of the day, the only thing that’s going to solve the problem is getting rid of of the snow.
In other words, we’re counting on you! So make sure to take these steps before the season really begins.
1. Speaking of the season–know yours!
According to a recent snow analysis done by the NOAA, 63% of U.S. territory had had a serious snowfall by March of last year. Make sure you’re paying attention to weather predictions in your area and not putting off any big snow–related purchases, otherwise you’re just asking to be caught unprepared. This will be a big hit to the community you serve and your wallet! Also, in terms of purchases…
2. Trick out your ride (for business not pleasure).
Before you start frantically googling “snow pusher for sale,” make sure your truck is up to date and is equipped with all the proper tires, chains, and other snow gear. A brand new steel snow pusher or one of those heavy duty snow plows your distributor is raving about won’t do you any good if you don’t have anything reliable to hook it up to. Of course, once you are sure your four-wheel drive and defrost system are up to speed…
3. NOW you can start googling “snow pusher for sale!”
And if you’re thinking, “this is redundant, I looked up snow pusher for sale last winter and snagged me a good one,” think again! Snow plow technology changes more rapidly than you might think, and because of the strenuous work they do, snow pushers tend to wear out much faster than your average vehicle. So take some googling time or talk to a trusted distributor about the depreciation value of your current model. Maybe set up a little savings fund for your next snow pusher box, even if that fund is literally a box for quarters labeled “snow pusher.”
And remember, if you buy a new beauty before the season starts, post pictures below!

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